Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Beauty & The Beast luncheons

This unique luncheon is for business women to meet other successful women, share information and ideas to enhance their own businesses. Building friendships and networking relationships with other women who share the same values and ethics of conducting a successful business. An opportunity to create new business within your business is our ultimate goal and of-course to enjoy the ambience that Beauty & the Beast has to offer.

A guest Beast will be invited to every luncheon and he will share his secrets of success and for the privilege of dining with us he is asked to bring a gift for all the Beauties.

The luncheon cost is $79.90 (this may change due to a special event). A glass of wine on arrival, Entrée Wendy's Sorbet, Main course & a Wendy’s Donut with coffee.

As the leading Beauty my commitment is to choose an exciting menu and invite interesting Beast guest speakers. Member Beauties commitment is to attend all the luncheons and to invite a different guest Beauty businesswomen to join us on the day.

Complimentary Gourmet Goodie Bag

All guests receive a complimentary ‘Gourmet Goodie Bag’ filled with delightful products from our sponsors.


The luncheons are charity friendly; a $5.00 lottery ticket will be sold and drawn at every luncheon. Money raised supports; Variety SA – Adventure TV, and The Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation.

Beast Guest Speaker Philip Sims (Robern Menz) and Sue Redman


During the luncheons we launch new products and raise the profile of current products and services on the market. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.


We have exclusive limited membership to our Beauty and the Beast luncheons to ensure your business is the only one if its type – a perfect opportunity to highlight your specialty.

Become a member* and you will feel instantly welcomed into the Sue Redman club as you connect with like-minded people in a fantastic setting enjoying a wonderful dining experience. You will meet and mingle with people from corporate companies as well as inspirational owners of small and medium businesses.

As a member of the Beauty and the Beast luncheon club, Member Beauties commitment is to attend all the luncheons and to invite a different guest Beauty business woman to join us on the day.

*Terms and conditions apply. Enquire now to see if your business is eligible.

Join now – and enjoy the many satisfactions of membership!


**Please note Beauty & the Beast membership is limited.