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At The Desk with Sue Redman

sue redman photoAt The Desk with Sue Redman:-  It will be my pleasure over the next few weeks to share my many years of business networking and networking personalities.  In brief I started my first business when I was 19 and it feels like only yesterday. We never used the word "Networking" then even though businesses were doing just that! Only 10 years ago when I started my first networking Business Luncheon Club - people thought it was PYRAMID selling. NETWORKING is critical to the success of the growth of a small business. But for many business people, networking is a chore rather than a must-do activity. Understanding your networking personality and that of others can be the key to success. Would you believe there are 6 types! The Socialite - The Serial - The Occasional - The Initiator - The Balanced - The In- active  Which type best describes your networking personality? Let's start with the below -

The Socialite:- Socialites love to attend events and can be relied upon to lighten up any occasion. They seek out the person standing at an event on their own and include them in conversation. These are great people to meet if you are fearful of attending an networking event on your own. If you are a socialite you run the risk of spending too much time socialising and leave little time for yourself to do the things you must do, often resulting in time pressure and unfinished business. Time must become your friend, not your enemy.

Until next time - Happy Networking! Smile


At The Desk with Sue Redman

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At the Desk with Sue Redman

Hi and welcome to my first blog…well not really my first ever blog! I am sure many of us have written or attempted to write a blog. How many of us are still writing them? In fact I have always wondered how many people read them. Visitors don’t always leave a comment, do they? So how would we know? Of course if you have an online counter system happening then you would know but then, that could be the reason why you stop blogging after the first few months!


Blogging is time consuming, as we all well know. Blogging needs to be updated on a regular basis, this we know, so why do we do it?

Aside from the serial bloggers, who blog and hope someone will read, comment and become a fan - which I have no doubt happens.


If you are not disciplined then blogging is not for you, so I am told!

You need to understand that blogging does not give quick, instant results so I am also told! I have even heard it can take up to six months before you see any results. WOW! Can we wait this long!


Well, the good news is after reading how effective Blog Based Websites are at generating a boost to search engine rankings to increase web traffic and my website company Traffic Creative providing me with blog facilities I am ready to give it another go!


So if you are reading my blog please leave me your comments, I would love to hear from you.


My primary business helps all types of business owners small or large and including corporate companies build new clients, business relationships and referrals in a relaxed, positive and enjoyable environment which I offer with my Business Luncheon Clubs.

I would like to think I am doing so something right because I am celebrating my 10th year as the owner and host of Business “Lunch with Sue Redman”. In this time I have met some wonderful business owners and MD’s of leading corporate companies. I have engaged some fabulous, successful business owners as guest speakers, even some of Adelaide’s best Celebs.

Many leading product and service companies have taken up the promotional opportunity and become major sponsors with my luncheons.

My luncheon clubs are charity friendly and have raised thousands of dollars through the generosity of attending club members and guests for many charities one being Variety SA / Adventure TV by way of auctions and raffles held on the day.

The luncheons are held at some of Adelaide’s favourite venues offering a delicious menu, friendly staff and a warm ambience.


My other luncheons are Beauty and the Beast Business Luncheon Club. An exclusive luncheon for business women with a twist – The Beast Guest Speaker. Unique in style with a luncheon setting to match.


The Culinary Chicks Business Luncheon is a wonderful small group of 12 business women on a mission to mentor, network and share ideas while visiting restaurants, hotels and cafes participating with “Click n Save” Dining Out up on my website. These venues offer special deals at excellent value to people visiting my website who can download the special offer and save.

You can also “Click n Save” on products and services….check out my website.


Until next time


Sue Redman ?



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