Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Culinary Chicks

This is a small group of wonderful business women on a mission to help each other in business, share ideas and build strong business relationships.

The Culinary Chicks meet once a month on a Thursday at a location selected from our participating Click ‘n Save venues. If you are interested in having the Culinary Chicks attend your venue and increasing your profile, please contact Sue Redman.

Special offer vouchers from restaurants that advertise with Click 'n' Save – Dining Out Gallery will be used at Culinary Chicks luncheons. Offers vary.

You will be provided with Culinary Chicks cards to mark between 1-5 on: food, service, décor, amenities and ambience. Your valued opinion and feedback about the venue will be presented to management.

Each luncheon will feature a discussion topic and all Culinary Chicks will have an opportunity to introduce their business on the day.

If you are a businesswoman and would like the opportunity to be an invited guest to the Culinary Chicks luncheon please email Sue Redman